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Michiana's Pride

MFC Lions & Lionesses


As we usher a new era of fútbol in our community.  Our vision is to continuously strive to offer the most competitive environment and highest level of player development possible.  Our objective is to provide a healthy environment where our players can compete at the highest availalble levels. As Michiana’s only sactioned USL organization, our focus is on providing the plataforms so that our players have a pathway to achieve their best.  All while developing a strong positive environment where we can foster leadership, character, sportmanship & strong communty ties.

Our community is very unique.  It's not just one town, one city, one county or one state.  We are a melting pot of cultures and multiple communities across various towns, counties and two states.

We are a community spread across Michigan and Indiana.  


This demographic brings us together and sets us apart.  

We are Michiana FC   

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