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Michiana FC USL Academy & Youth

Michiana is the region on the border of Michigan and Indiana.  Michiana FC is Currently training at Kroc Center in South Bend and Playing at St. Joe High School's Leighton Field for the year 2024.  We are a new alternative for dedicated  high level player development in the region.  Focused on providing an edge to our academy players and reduce travel to train needs



Our number one mission is to enhance local player development above all and eliminate interference with club teams and club play.  We want to enhance our players experience.  In that frame we hope that our local clubs benefit from the added training that their top players are receiving as part of our player pool program.

Why a Player Pool?


Our program is part of the USL system.  Our senior teams currently compete in the Great Lakes Division in both the L2 and WL segments.  Our Academy teams cover a broader region in the immediate five state area.  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky & Ohio. Our USL Youth teams compete during the summer in four neutral sites between Illinois, Indiana & Ohio.

league System



Registration is easy, simply submit your player information, current club, CV (playing history) and highlights/links via our submission form and we will immediately evaluate your submission and send you a link to register.  

We are immediately looking for players born in 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14

Submit your registration today!


USL Youth is a driving force for American soccer’s greatest energy: its youth players.


It is dedicated to elevating the youth player experience in the United States by inspiring, educating, and engaging the American “soccer generation.”

Evolving from the historic Super Y League, USL Youth provides alignment between the USL’s youth initiatives and the full USL ecosystem’s youth-to-pro pathway.


It focuses on building and engaging a vibrant youth soccer community through events, content, and experiences, providing an integral step in the soccer journey of players, coaches, clubs, and families.

Michiana FC aligns the with focus of USL Youth in aiming to meet our players where they are on their soccer journey and support the "why" they do it. 

Want to be part of the movement? Are you ready to train and play with and against the best in the region?

If the answer is YES then submit your request today.  We are now assessing players for our summer program.  You can submit your evaluation request via our link below or send your player bio along with highlights videos/links to

for 2024 we are offering teams in every age group from 11U to 19U

Our inaugural Summer program for 2024 will consist of teams for both boys and girls ranging from 11U to 19U.


USL Youth is not meant to interfere with travel soccer and your local club but rather to enhance it by providing training and competition during the summer break.


Our training starts at the end of the traditional Travel Club season and ends before the fall season starts.  We train during June and July and have four weekends of games in July.  Two of those are local to our region, Indiana Invaders Complex July 6-7 as well as Edwardsburg Sports Complex 13-14.  Two potential travel weekends, one is in Sylvania Ohio July 20-21and the other is Waukegan Illinois.  July 27-28

If you have already registered as a site member, have been evaluated and given access code to book your spot on the team then book now

U11 & U12 play 60 minute games with a 10 minute half. Size 4 ball.  Only 16 players permitted to roster on game day.

U13 to U15 play 70 minute games with a 12 minute half. Size 5 ball.  Only 18 players permitted to roster on game day.    

U16 & U17 play 80 Minute games with a 12 minute half.  Size 5 ball.  Only 18 players permitted to roster on game day. 

U18 & U19 play 90 Minute games with a 12 minute half.  Size 5 ball.  Only 18 players permitted to roster on game day. 

Register to receive tryout details using the adjacent form.  Try out dates based on age groups between April 8-12

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